Robert G. Jacobsen v KAM
 Key Dates & Facts

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  Jacosben sued KAM on March 13, 2006 in Federal Court wih Free Attorney  
  Key Facts:  
  • Lawsuit - settled out of court in March 2010 - no license was granted to Jacobsen or JMRI
  • Jacobsen paid KAM of $31,462.38 for violation of KAM's free speech right.
  • KAM paid Jacobsen $100,000 to settle
  • Settlement agreement terminated all Oral and Implied Licenses (para 8)
    • Mutual release with Jacobsen was terminated on March 5, 2010
    • No license was granted to Jacobsen or any JMRI developer
    • KAM's March 6, 2010 license revoked all rights for Jacobsen and JMRI developers
    • Computer Dispatcher and Computer Dispatcher Pro are KAM's registered Trademarks
    • and product names 
  • Settlement Arbitration clause only applies to Jacobsen/KAM, not to any JMRI user,  developer, or any entity that distributes or use JMRI software.

  • KAM Software was created and sold in July 1997 - 4 years before JMRI.
    • Ploucher/Jacobsen purposely backdated the JMRI website date from Oct 2004 to 1997
    • Jacobsen/JMRI admits infringement of KAM's 329 patent (see 329 infringement)
    • Lawsuit was about KAM's contractor who wrote a conversion tool for NMRA working group, and omitted JMRI copyright notice in decoder text file conversion process.
      • The copyright case was about a conversion tool and text files.
      • KAM's software never used any JMRI code
      • Jacobsen claim he created QSI copyrighted material - Jacobsen Admission
      • Settlement terminated all Jacobsen licenses, and revoked all future rights.
      • Injunction terminated all JMRI future rights (see KAM license agreement - effective March 6, 2010).

  Jacobsen v. Kam  case detail  
  • 407 Federal District Court dockets
  • 2 - Federal Appeals to Federal District Court, Washington DC.- CAFC
  • Wikipedia factual Sept 27, 2010 Snapshot - Wikipedia link
  • KAM paid for legal defense, Jacobsen had free attorneys from EFF
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